Saturday, March 17, 2007

Here`s a breakdown of my working progress for the cover of Meg 261.
Top left: Sketch.
Below that: Colour sketch for editor (Tharg the All mighty!).
Top right: Inks.
Middle: Colour background during Photoshop colouring stage. (Ooh! Pretty!)
Bottom row: Close ups of finished image.

I was so exited about doing this cover and kept exited while I was working on it. I`m still exited now it`s finished! For this geek it`s been a delight to do a Meg cover again after my last attempt, which didn`t go down well on all fronts. ( see here... )


paulhd said...

Anderson looks like Uma Thurman on that cover.... no bad thing!
Been looking forward to this for a while, can't wait to read it.

manu said...

we all have a lot to learn from you!!

Jo Bling said...

Lovvvvely stuff Mr T! As ever... ;-P

Chris Weston said...

I'm warning you, Dave... cut it the fuck out... you're just making it harder for th rest of us.

D.TAYLOR said...

Paul...If you think she looks like Uma that`s fine with me! She`s meant to some degree to look like Debbie Harry (Blondie).

Manu...please control yourself sir!

Mr.Bling...awww shush now! ~8^D

Chris...What have I told you about that potty mouth of yours?! And please try to keep you insanity under control!

Daniel said...

You really do need to put up a detailed step by step tutorial on how you do your art. You are fantastic. I'd kiss you if I wasn't afraid of touching people.

D.TAYLOR said...

I`ve heard that kissing over the internet can give you some kind of virus. But hey, cheers anyway!

Dylan said...

very nice Dave, can't wait to see the strip.