Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Something I should have done a while back...
It seems most folk out there, when the film 'Gone in 60 Seconds' is mentioned presume you`re talking about the silly Nick Cage romp and not the original 1974 stunner. Most people don`t even know there WAS an original! It was a ground breaking film at the time and has spawned many copies and inspired many.
If you like car chase films and havn`t seen this then you really should. It`s totally hand made by H.B Toby Halicki, who died making a follow up...crushed in his car by a falling water tower!
The 40 min chase at the end wrecked over 93 cars, all owned by Halicky and mostly driven by him. He had the city of L.A approval to shoot some of the film but during the stunning 40 min chase went out with a camera strapped to his dash or held by a friend driving totally illegally fast, very fast, followed by his mates driving old cop cars he`d found in government sales. All without a legal go-ahead.
At the time it came out I had a free pass to the local flee pit and watched it every night it was on! I couldn`t get enough! I guess that`s what inspired me to steal my Mom`s car (age 15) while she was away for a week so I could go to my cousin`s birthday party. I parked up the road so no body would know. I only confessed to my Mom a few weeks back! I was very silly and it could have been seriously dangerous...so DON`T DO IT KIDS! (I could drive pretty well at that point, having watched my Mom and Dad for years and had had a few lessons...but still very dumb!)
I certainly don`t approve of stealing cars! I feel a little naughty watching it sometimes! (The hero justifies his actions by only stealing insured cars! Ok, that`s fine then!)
If you`ve ever seen an old Ford mustang, yellow with a black go-fast stripe, then you`ll know the driver has watched and loved this movie. It could even be me!
See Eleanor in my links for more info. Go on, treat yaself!
(image copyright H.B Toby Halicki 2007)


Mark said...

Shame about the remake. It was a corny load of cobblers. Worst of all, it had a load of fakey looking CGI instead of actual stuntwork.

D.TAYLOR said...

I was embarrassed to watch it. Not only was it a Cage movie but, as you say, a computer did most of the stunting! Lame lame lame!