Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The best rock band ever (no, you can`t disagree!) have finally released a single 'Far Cry' from their May 1st release album 'Snakes and Arrows' here... http://www.rush.com/
I strongly suggest you turn up your speakers and wallow in the magic that is Rush!
(image copyright Rush 2007)


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I think I'm going bald !!!! That's a cool single and the album is out just in time for my Birthday on May 11th ! :)

D.TAYLOR said...

I played that song to my Dad once. He wasn`t impressed for some reason!
And mine is on the 14th so yay for Rush`s timing! ~:D

Schantz Julien said...

Hi Dave,

I know it's quite unusual to reach you but it's the only way for me.
Well I'm a big fan of your works, the french loves your work.
I'm in a hurry for a friend who's organizing a convention in the north of France (Lille) and I would like to know if you might be interessed to meet some french fans of your work.
It's in early April,the 6th professional opening of the show and 7th and 8th signing and sketching sessions.
All accomodations to and for Lille is paid by the organisation (transport,hotel, meals and beers !!).
Please let me know if want to be in and/or wants some details.
BTW I organize myself a festival, here's some links (old and new site).

My e-mail is steranko@dotyahoodotfr
Hope to see you soon.

Schantz Julien said...

oouups my email is :

steranko@yahoo dot fr

sorry !!

Schantz JUlien said...

Final correction.

steranko72@yahoo dot fr

thanks and sorry (too!!)


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I've not heard Geddy Lee's solo album 'My Favourite Headache' any good ?

D.TAYLOR said...

It`s not Rush but it`s still ace in my opinion. Kind of odd to listen to him without Alex and Neil backing him, like it was with Lifeson`s album "Victor" (which I prefer to Geddy`s. Sorry Mr Lee!).

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I still love Hemispheres and 2112.

D.TAYLOR said...

My fave`s also. Why, what impeccable taste you have sir!
The end/play out of this last single is taking them back to those two albums...and beyond! I can hear Cygnus X1 in there I`m sure!