Wednesday, November 08, 2006

LUCCA 2006
Boy do those Italians know how to put on a show! Lucca (Italy) is a beautiful walled city on a normal day but throw a thousand comic dealers,tonnes of publishers and 80 thousand comic fans behind the walls and you have one Hell of a great convention! The vino helps also!
I have to thank my good friend Antonio Solinas for telling me about the event and my soon to be writing partner Giovanni Gualdoni (seen here with my stunt double) for helping set up the trip. Much thanks also to Lucy...I mean Lisiana for all her help,translation and fun...the same thanks also to Emanuele Tenderini (who won the "girl contest"!),the Dude and the Killer for just being "crazy" and all the other fine folk who made the trip so much fun.

I was invited to do a TV interview on the second day for an Italian cable show hosted by this chap who I think was called Andrea (sorry sir,I met so many people and I think the vino is still affecting me!)...he held up what looked like a mobile phone,put in his headphone and started talking Italian to his co-host in Rome...then we "went live"! I had bugger all idea what was really going on and am pretty sure it was the oddest two minutes I`ve ever spent! The other guy in the photo is Mario who I`m sure stared in Dark Star!!!
The "game" tents. Filled to the rafters (if tents have rafters) with card wielding kids of all ages shouting "you killed my orc!!!" Hmm....
Yes...that`s what I thought too!!!
Ok. I confess...I was so wanting to sign up for the Empire but they told me I`d have to get my hair cut so I just stood there dreaming and taking photos! Even rural Italy isn`t safe from the boys in white!

An all-round great time was had in Lucca. Thanks again for all those that made it possible...bring on Naples!!!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

The Stormtrooper design still blows away those awful Clonetroopers,the Stormtroopers are cooooool !!!

MyVioletDude said...

thank YOU dave, a big man in a small small city. i'll write you soon, it's a threat! bad english, sorry.


Antonio said...

You are welcome, my Celtic brother.
See you in Naples... with more wine!

smoky man said...

hi dave. I missed the opportunity to meet you in Lucca. Too much confusion, too much people all around the Con... but, also, so much fun!
so, see you in Naples, next year!

smoky ciaociao!

Matteo "Airkilla" said...

Hi, big Stev...ehm...Dave!!! ;)

I'm very proud to met you!
I think you had difficult days in Lucca, 'cause there was only a little bit of people who could speak english (MY english is veeeery veeery bad, i know...sigh!); I hope you enjoyed the city and the fair, the wine and the beers, and the girls ('re married!), and last but not least, spending time with some stupid guys like me and Corrado the Violet Dude, with our super-girl-contest!

I hope we'll meet again: I promise you, in that day I'll be the most famous comic artist in the universe and we'll travel through Italy on my Mega-Hyper-Pink-Limousine.

See You Man! And Good Luck!


Kappa said...

It was a pleasure and a privilege to have met you in Lucca, Dave!
(I was the tall guy -at the dinner, saturday- wo can't draw as good as the other tall guy... :D)

D.TAYLOR said...

Thanks guys. I think I`m going to cry!!!
I had an ace time in Lucca,thanks to all the great folk I met and feel privileged to know you all.
I look forward to riding in Matteo`s Mega-Hyper-Pink-Limousine!!! Hehehehe!
Smokey Man...sorry too we didn`t hook up but like you say it was all mad...Naples it is then sir!
Oh...and Matteo...please say Hi to the Dude for me.
Ciao all!

Jo Bling said...

So are pies standard issue Imperial rations then? TELL me that's a fisheye lens, DT...

D.TAYLOR said...

Sorry to say no photo trickery was used! Must be the pies.