Friday, October 27, 2006

No,it`s not comic books but at least it`s related!
My dear old Mom is a member of an amateur operatic society thing and I`ve been asked to do the poster (seen here) for their next big show. I jumped at the chance,being a big fan of anything Seuss and have really enjoyed doing this job. Also being a massive Monty Python fan helped `cos the show was co-concieved by Eric Idle. For any of you out there in Blog land who live near,in or can get to Liverpool (England!) the show is at the Empire next June. Now I`d better get back to my real job!


jarrod corrigan said...

hi dave its jarrod corrigan remember me im still a fan of your artwork.
its a very long life with a tiny window of bad luck that you had reading your profile keep up the upward stuff you can post me if you would like at
take care genius man
ps if you saw my office now its a complete replica of your old studio.

Chris Weston said...

Hey, Dave, I'm currently reading "Cat in the Hat" to the kids at bedtime. My little boy, Charlie, HATES Thing One and Thing Two and fantasises about killing them!

Staz Johnson said...

Hey Dave,

Nice to see some of that Judge Anderson stuff, it looks badass (damn, I've been working with Americans too long), I mean it looks very splendid. When will it be out, & will it be in the Megazine or 2000AD?
It looks like you had a fun time in Italy, though, ....fat Stormtroopers? Never thought I'd see the day.
I started on of these blog things recently, check it out at

Take it easy mate, are you going to the DreddCon?


D.TAYLOR said...

Hey Staz,
Long time no speeky!
Glad you like what you see.
Anderson will be in the Megazine early next year so save up those pennies!
Not sure about the Dreddcon...when is it? Are you going matey? See ya there if so.