Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Image comics wish me Happy 50th!

My long awaited issue of Image comics Prophet is out tomorrow, perfectly timed for my birthday! Cheers Guys! Nice timing!
Having now read the book, with added script, poetically penned by the modern visionary Brandon Graham, I can say at last how thrilled I am with the outcome. Brandon furnished me with a lose plot, allowing me to jam on his ideas, after which (when I'd drawn the pages) he then went in and scripted it. It's a joy to read! And as Brandon and I share great respect and love for Jean Moebius Giraud, this book never existing without his masterful inspiration, we decided to dedicate this book to him, as it should be.


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Anonymous said...

Got my copy. Some really nice drawing here, but a few of the panels printed so dark as to be illegible. I checked online previews and the trouble is definitely the printing. Maybe this is a problem that can be fixed before future collections? Otherwise buying digitally seems the way to go on this.

It's a real shame when this happens, especially with artists who don't publish much work. Paolo Rivera had a whole Spider-Man short story pretty much ruined because the colors printed way too dark.

Sorry to be a downer. It was a great storytelling moment when you pulled back to reveal the larger scale at the story's climax, even though I couldn't really follow most of what was going on, not have read the whole series.

D.TAYLOR said...

Thanks for your comments, and I agree with at least one page early on. I was pushing to get as dark as possible and I think on that page I pushed too hard! But yes, it will work better on digi. cheers

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