Friday, May 17, 2013

Batman: Death by Design trade paperback

At last! The long awaited trade paperback of my Batman: Death by Design is out! Selling at a much lower price than the original hardback but containing all from the original (with only two small exceptions).


JessicaMartin said...

Hi Dave
I just discovered your work thanks to my friend Jason Wilson..I am an aspiring graphic novelist not really into mainstream comics but I love beautiful art. I can't wait to receive my copy of Death by Design any day now in the post.
Your new fan

D.TAYLOR said...

Many thanks Jessica. Please give my love to Jase, what a guy!

JessicaMartin said...

Have received this wonderful book ...noticed that you made a dedication to Andrew Loomis. I have got every single one of the Titan reprints of his books and regard him as my 'teacher'. Thank you for perpetuating the 'golden' art.
Are you on Twitter?

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