Thursday, April 25, 2013

An open mind

An open mind is a healthy thing to have. Without an open mind would we have a stimulating culture, the ability to share our interests, emotions and thoughts with our friends and family or the thirst for knowledge that enables us to grow as a species?

It's with this in mind that I'm writing this blog post.

When I was a boy I witnessed something that changed my life. Something that to this day is still considered a taboo, a topic of ridicule and great cynicism. I saw a "flying saucer".

To some this won't shock. It's nothing new. People all over the world, for as long as we've had recorded history, have seen things they couldn't explain. For me it was an epiphany. A life changing event. It forced me to question my young impression of the world around me, of the universe around me and it forced me to have an open mind.

This was my first experience of this sort, but it wouldn't be the last. I feel it's not necessary to talk about these other experiences here suffice to say that I became involved in my own personal research into all things paranormal, with an emphasis on UFOs and ETs.

This brings me to my reason to write this blog post today. Last Monday saw the premier of a documentary by Dr Steven Greer, the founder of The Disclosure Project. The film is called Sirius. It reveals the facts about the UFO/ET phenomenon and the long term "cover-up", discrediting and disinformation of the subject. It also uncovers the story of how new technologies that can replace our need for fossil fuels have been systematically hidden from the public and how, if freed, these innovations could change our planet for the good of all.

The Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell can explain it better than me... (link)

If you're concerned with the direction our world is headed, if you're interested in the UFO/ET phenomenon, if you'd like to see an end to the destruction of this beautiful planet than I ask that you watch the Sirius documentary...with an open mind.

Watch it here... (link)

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