Thursday, March 07, 2013

More Dredd (not the guy that fatally wounded King Arthur!)

Here's a panel from the Dredd I'm working on that I wanted to post here. Why? Because I like it and it doesn't really give too much away. I think I like this because it reminds me just how much I love colouring my own work. I often enjoy the colouring stage as much as drawing, probably because I spent so many years being coloured by other folk who were getting paid virtually nothing and had limited resources and probably little incentive.

In the news this this space for some possibly awesome news (if you're me) about a comic book gig I might be offered. I've got a tone of work lined up with 2000AD (Yay!) and have to get cracking soon on concept and storyboard work for the Rendlesham movie/TV series, so it'll be tricky fitting another gig in to my schedule...but I'm damn well going to try because it's something ultra cool.


LEE!!! said...


D.TAYLOR said...

Thanks Lee! You're very welcome here!!

Jay said...

I know what it is! I know what it is! And yes, it is cool! So cool it was prophesied in the waters of Arakis.
Can't wait to see it Dave.

What did I tell you! Ha ha. :)