Monday, September 17, 2012

Tales of the Buddah out now!

It's not often I'll plug something but this is an exception. My good mate Jon Haward and my much admired old Batman/Judge Anderson collaborator Alan Grant, plus awesome colouring by the awesome Jamie Grant, have produced something very special that I'd like you to consider. As you can see from the above image it's not superheros...or is it? It's hard to find the words to describe what this really is, suffice to say that nothing else "out there", which this certainly is, is quite like this book. Alan Grant's sublime sense of comedy, skillful writing and sense of the absurd are matched perfectly with Jon's irreverent, cartoonly silliness to the point that I have to strongly recommend this to anyone with more than two brain cells (not meaning to discriminate!). The book is also graced by such luminaries as Simon Bisley (awesome), Glen Fabry (awesome) and Cam Kennedy (awesome)...and...erm...little old me!
Please take a look here to find out more. Awesome!

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