Thursday, September 20, 2012

More (Moore?!) apologies...and BIG news...

Due to a number of "major life things" over the past few months I have to announce that I can no longer attend this weekend's N.I.C.E comic con. My work schedule has been pushed back to such a degree that I can't afford the time off for the show, which I'm blue funked by as I was looking forward to this so much. Sorry to all the folk that have been in touch regarding sketches and stuff who were hoping to get something from me at the event...I'm still booked in for Thought Bubble (Leeds) this November!
Many thanks to Jeff for the invite and all his work, I'm sure, even without me, it'll be a great weekend for all concerned. Say "Hi!" to Alan...I mean Mr.Moore for me!

In the good news dept....I can officially announce that I have in my possession a film script which will be my MAJOR project starting next year. I've been asked to art direct and storyboard a film project that I know, even at this early stage, will change my life, and possibly those around me. Having recently re-launched my comic book career it's uncomfortable to think that this will take me away from the comic book industry horse for quite some time when I've just re-learned how to ride! My passion for comics is hopefully obvious, but I find myself, again, getting ready to apologise to the folk who have supported me in my re-launch. Fear ye not good people! This is but a blip in my comic production, a mere pause for thought. That thought being "Oh my giddy Ant! I'm going to storyboard a film about..." (at this point, for security reasons, I must edit myself and say no more.)
But what I will say is would completely understand why I'd want to put everything aside and take this film job if you knew what it was about, and especially if you'd had the profound privilege of reading the incredible script. No exaggeration here, my hands were shaking when I'd finished first reading it! My mind boggled! My paradigm shifted. I'd desperately love to tell you all what it is, just know that it's awesome coolness, it's cool awesomeness and it's Giddy Ant level is through the clouds! Watch this space!

So what am I working on now? Well, after getting my commission work finished (posted soon I promise!), and while I wait to hear about a proposed small Batman job, I'm presently working on a short science fiction story about which I will post more soon (it's Ace!!). I then have a wonderful and exiting gig lined up with...wait for it...

Yes folks, I'm finally catching up with the Twenty First Century! If you don't know Madefire then I strongly suggest you do some research! "It's the future, now!"
Funny thing is, call it serendipity or coincidence, I happened to contact my old buddy Liam Sharp after a long absence in communication on the very day he was launching Madefire, which I'd not heard about. We immediately agreed to work together and within what seemed like a few hours I had received the script, "coincidentally" written by the same guy I just did Dredd with, namely Robbie Morrison. I don't think I can say any more at this stage but I'll check and get back to you!

Did I mention I just read the most amazing film script in history?!


bwatson said...

Giddy 'Ant'? Is that a clue? Do you know Edgar Wright? (straws clutched!)

Rol said...

Excellent news - can't wait to hear more!

Jay said...

It's not that Justin Bieber film you keep telling me about is it?? ;)

D.TAYLOR said...

Damn it all Jay, now the world knows!

Cheers Rol, you will soon enough.

bwatson...sorry no clues were presant...or were there?! ("ant" isn't a clue!)