Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Judge Anderson and Robot Archie commission

Here's a little something I've had on my desk for a few months, finally got the thing finished in between Batman pages. And yes, I couldn't resist popping a Batman in there for good measure!

The Batman book is coming along nicely by all accounts. I've only got eight pages left to draw on the second of the two books so it's nice to think that all the hard work is done, all I have to do is the "inking" (graphite pencil) and the colouring and I'm home and dry. Hopefully there'll be some news soon regarding the secret writer and when this darn thing will be published!


antonio said...

That whole concept is amazing!

Love the tiny man running! :)


Kev Levell said...

Lovely stuff - as always the detail in your stuff is amazing. When that Bat book is done, I'd love to see you back in the prog!

D.TAYLOR said...

Thanks as ever guys.
Kev, I have every intention of doing more Dredd after Batman if Tharg will have me!

Mangamax said...

I vote for the whole of the Anderson meets Robot Archie tale!

D.TAYLOR said...

You don't ask for much Mangamax! But hey, ya never know!