Monday, October 12, 2009

Lille Comic Festival illustration

Here's the poster I was asked to produce for the Lille Comic Festival (31Oct-1stNov). It's going to be on sale at the show to raise cash to pay for the guests, me included, and hopefully I'll be bringing some back to put on sale on this very blog...look out for my new For Sale page soon!

My Batman writer's name is...

Nope. Still no movement on the top secret aspect yet. Sorry!


Pete Wells said...

Blooming luvvery Dave! Well done sir!

jon haward said...

lovely as usual Master Taylor

Wiggz said...

Nice work Dave.

All she needs is a big shoulder pad, a big shoulder eagle, The ability to see what you're thinking and a tight leather suit and you've cracked it!!!!



Cloud 109 said...

Just stumbled over your Blog courtesy of Jon Haward's Blog - stunning artwork and this piece is no exception.

Pepped me up for the day!

Quadrinhos Em Ação! said...

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boo said...


is that a word? it is now! and it describes this excellent piece sir!

its all good, but i particularly like the spaceship and tiny droid features...

molto molto!

Mangamax said...

Blimey. Forget the girlie, that lunarscape and the hovering ship are ace.
Top work that man.

Gibson Quarter said...

For Sale section would be a GREAT idea...I'll save my schekles until you put some of the 2000AD pages up for sale...I'm loving your work over there! Batman's gonna be sweet, I'm sure.

Gibson Quarter

D.TAYLOR said...

Many thanks for your comments chaps.
This is an example of what I come up with when offered a blank slate, so to speak. (I don't draw on slate, just in case you were wondering!)
I'm very grateful to Julien for inviting me to do this and attend the festival, now only a day away...can't wait!

Cloud 109...I'm delighted my work had that affect on you. Anyone needing "pepping up" should take a look at your site!

boo...I'll say again...Anyone needing "pepping up" should take a look at your site!

Lee Townsend said...

Great work Dave, how long did this take you to do?

D.TAYLOR said...

Lee...I spent about four hours drawing it one day and then about two hours colouring the next.

Chris Weston said...

"My Batman writer's name is...'

Blimey, dave... such a build up! Nothing short of Alan bloody Moore will satisfy my expectations now!


D.TAYLOR said...

Ok Ok!! It's Alan Bloody Moore! (I don't think he uses his middle name much)
Happy now Weston??!!