Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dredd cover prog 1653

Prog 1653 is out, sporting my recent Dredd cover. Dredd's back in the old cursed earth and not happy. Poor old chap's suffering a loss of respect and dignity recently. There's new blood in power and Joe is taking it badly. I like how Wagner is lowering Dredd's status from unquestionable to down right out of the loop. Great stuff. There's also some lovely artwork by the Flint droid on Shakara so take a look.
And while I'm on about covers...have a look at Pete Wells' 2000AD cover blog. He's got lots of goodies over there and well worth a visit. (see my links)

As you can see from above I'll be doing a signing in Manchester on the 26th of this month with fellow "High Spirits" creator Ian Edginton. I'm hoping we'll get a chance to talk about our future plans for our character Exo Judge Lamia, who's gone down really well with the fans. And it's going to be jolly nice to meet Al Ewing, Leigh Gallagher and Steve Yeowell too. Show up if you can, should make for a good day.

And while I'm on the subject of signing...I've been invited to the next Lille Comics Festival at the end of October. It's been a very long time since I've done a show in France so I can't wait. My only concern is how I'm going to carry home all the books I'll inevitably buy while I'm there!

And finally...Batman. No, I still can't talk about it so stop asking!!!

Thanks to Gary Smith for reminding me I haven't posted anything for a while! Cheers m'old mate!


Kevin Levell said...

Really nice cover Dave - great colour sensibilities you've got!

Good luck with the signing!

Tim Perkins said...

Beautiful cover, Dave.

I have a great idea for carrying your books...

I'll come with ya!

Hope you are all well.


D.TAYLOR said...

Cheers guys.
So you're working as a porter now Tim? Thanks for the kind offer but I just couldn't afford you mate!!!

(word verification...comicip!!! Wierd!)

boo said...

cheers dave! i've been staring at your dredd cover all week - its f**king iconic stuff man - 30 years worth of story stored in those wrinkles......sweeeeet sci-fi!

Nelson Evergreen said...

Hear hear. It's lovely. Makes me want to grab the nearest sketchbook and fill it full of Dredd.

jon haward said...

cracking headshot love the hotter than hell colour scheme too bud :-)

Aero said...

Hi Dave,
It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and the others in Manchester today. What a treat to watch you, Leigh and Steve all at work sketching for your fans, and to chat with the writers Al and Ian about various 2000AD stories. The detailed sketches you were drawing of Joker for other fans were cool, but we love the simple Anderson you drew for us, its a sublime little gem that Ben and I will treasure. We got the Big Robots page home safely, Ben's mum said 'wow!' when she saw it and it currently has pride of place on the living room sideboard. How cool it that! You gotta wonder how many wives would just tut when their boys got home having spent a chunk of cash on comics!

Aidan said...

Hi, thanks again for my Joker sketch, it was AMAZING, i liked the Joker battle you and Leigh had, have to say yours was better, although Leighs was awesome too, and they're both getting framed! Looking forward to the new batman book, i know you cant say much about it, but is there a release date?

Antonio said...
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Sorry to spam Dave, but I thought it could be of some use fro the readers of your blog.
Will write you an email when I find a minute.