Thursday, December 11, 2008

Judge Dredd Megazine #279

With the publication this week of The Judge Dredd Megazine #279 I've decided to post these two pages, the two pages I'm most happy with from the strip. I'm constantly experimenting with the colours I use and methods of getting them right, and in these two pages I've tried to get a little more realistic lighting in there. Unfortunately when printed I felt the strip looks a little washed out compared to how they look on screen, something I must get right on my next Dredd story which I've just received the first part to, written by someone I've wanted to work with for a good while now by the name of Ian Edginton. It's a much darker story than I've worked on before for 2000AD and so I'll be looking to use a lot more contrast, which should lend itself to print much more effectively than my work to date. Out with subtle in with bold! (that's not an advert for soap powder!)


Craig Conlan said...

love your neo-nouveau stylings on the shop there, Dave. Zarjaz work!

Ian Mayor said...

You keep Mega City so busy, yet so 'readable'. Awesome stuff.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

A W E S O M E !!!!!!!

These are fabulous pieces of work Dave !!!

D.TAYLOR said...

Gee thanks guys.

Reuben said...

Just finished reading it. Lovely lovely work. The reason I would of picked the 2 pages you posted also, is the way you capture the city and the citizens, no one seems to pay attention to this important detail like you have. Excellent blend of your line work and colouring. I liked your older material but think you're now definitely doing the most exciting work of your career.
Merry Christmas!

D.TAYLOR said...

And a very hearty merry Christmas to you too Reuben, thanks so much for your comments. I do find it odd that most artdroids don't pay much if any attention to the world in which the stories take place. Why would you want to draw a Judge Dredd story if you don't care about his environment?

boo said...


your artwork is why i love comix.

faultless brilliance, every page...looking forward to getting my mitts on the xmas dredd, may many more follow in its wake!


Kevin Levell said...

Really great pages Dave - I really enjoyed the story but it was your faultless story telling and art that made it such a success - and I don't think the printing affected the colour that much. Nice to see it in it's entirety after so many teasers here!

Sketchybeast said...

Really enjoyed the strip Dave. Like Kevin, I don't think the print affected it too much, but I know how frustrating any disparity can be after carefully balancing your colours on screen. Is there any way you can get hold of the paper stock/inks the printers use so you can do some test prints?

Really looking forward to your darker Dredd. Also, I love all the technology in your Big Meg stuff...would love to see you get a pure sci-fi tale.

All the best for Christmas buddy

Niezam said...

nice... always admire your work

Anonymous said...

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