Monday, December 08, 2008

2000AD cover sketches

When Tharg the Mighty asked me recently to do a cover for 2000AD featuring a zombie character (not giving anything away!) I found myself doing something I hadn't done before, that being drawing one of the undead professionally. You'd think, after almost twenty years (on and off) in the comic book industry I'd have got around to drawing bloomin zombies by now! Well, no. This is a first for me.

I haven't had as much time on this as I'd like, due to my other commitments, but it was fun to play around with. I wanted to do a companion piece to my recent Dredd cover so lucky for me the colour sketch above was approved by the galactic green editor supreme, it being my first attempt at the design. It's nice when the first idea you have fits what your boss is thinking of.
The image below is a sneak peek composit of the finished cover.


Lee Townsend said...

Very nice cover Dave! great to see the pencil as well before the colours, you using photoshop for the colour work?

D.TAYLOR said...

Cheers Lee.
Yes, my old trusty unfortunately faster and more flexible than real paint and less smelly photoshop is being used here.

Roy_v_Beck said...

Yeah, a very nice cover, your zombie doesn't look typical anyway it's really cool, especially the idea of holes in the head (it looks like zombies have no brain :) ) maybe just not enough details are in this picture like for a cover picture.

And I must admit I'm really impressed how you coloured that picture using only photoshop. GJ.

Anonymous said...

Love the jaw, I can just imagine him walking through a hail of bullets.

D.TAYLOR said...

Hopefully the finished piece will be detailed enough for you Roy!

That's just what I had to do Mark. Funny the things you find yourself doing in this job! Cheers.

Antonio said...

Bloody hell, Dave, everybody is obsessed with zombies, now.
Everyone... there is definitely something strange going on!
Anyway, nice work as usual.