Thursday, March 01, 2007

Here`s a bit of my homage to Milo Manara. For reasons of decency I`m not going to post the whole image here! For those of you that don`t know Manara`s work let me tell you that he`s considered one of Italy`s treasures. He`s known mostly for his sexy and provocative stories and has been the inspiration to many budding and not so budding artists around our planet. Because of my Tongue Lash books a few years back, sexy and provocative themselves, I guess I was considered to be worthy of invitation to contribute to an upcoming Manara retrospective book. I`m greatly honoured to do this and wish to thank the wonderful artist/colourist Emanuele Tenderini for inviting me. Cheers Manu!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I remember seeing the Forever War illustrated by Milo Manara !!

Emanuele said...

cheers my friend! ;)

Manara will be honoured to have one of your wonderfull draws!

Thanks to you!!!!!!


D.TAYLOR said...

No,I think you`ll find it`s the other way around Manu!
But hey...thanks!
I can`t wait to see the book and to see what the other artists do.