Wednesday, February 28, 2007

(Judge Cass Anderson and friends)

So nobody liked my last post hey? Hmm.

So here`s some news...
I`m now working for Wildstorm comics. I can`t say on what yet but I defo have two really cool jobs to do for them lined up starting as soon as I get the last few pages of Big Robots done, which will be in the next two weeks. I can`t believe I`m finally finishing this much loved job (for me anyway!). I`ve had so much fun doing it and will miss the gig very much. That said, the jobs that are on my desk for Wildstorm are very exiting so watch this space. (unless I`ve put you off with the Toth post! Hmm...)
I`m also doing an Illustration for an Italian book about the works of Milo Manara which is a treat! I`ll post part (!) of that soon. Thanks to Manu for the job. Grazie il mio amico!
Also I`d like to take this opportunity to say "Hi!" to a Mr.Scott Peterson (Wildstorm) and to thank him for his trust and belief in me. I won`t let you down old chum!

The moral for today is...
Don`t ever give up hope. After falling out with D.C (which basically ended my career), getting divorced and then getting really ill, and folks telling me I`d never work in comics again, things looked hopeless. Well, here I am a few years down the line with more work than I can shake a stick at! So...stick to your guns, stay true to your goals, keep watching the skies and always always look on the bright side of life! So there!


Gary Fitzgerald said...

I love toth.
good to see you're getting more work..
and I just heard your other good news too, congrats man!

D.TAYLOR said...

Cheers ears!
But shhh about the "other" thing mate!

Gary Fitzgerald said...

I thought I was cryptic... no?

Daniel said...

I knew that as soon as your Cass story was done that you'd be picked up by Wildstorm. I don't know why, but I called it months ago. Congrats! I hope its Authority. You'd be great on it.

Speaking of your dirty books, I remember picking up a mystery $5 grab bag of porno comics, and there were two of yours in it. I can't say I liked the story, but the art was fantastic. I never put two and two together until now, heh.

D.TAYLOR said...

Well ain`t that funny! So you`re a psi too hey? Nice! I only wish you`d told me when you had your eerie profecy...I could have used the good news!
As for "porno comics"...I`ll have you know sir that they are not porn but art! Adult entertainment! (we`re talking about Tongue Lash here by the way!)
I`m not a big fan of porno comics...seems odd to me to read a comic book that is aimed solely at adults. That said, I have to admit that Tongue Lash was for adults only...thus my nervousness about doing them! My only defence is that they were Moebius related and I couldn`t miss that opportunity now could I?!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Super work !! I'd love to see the guys who did the CG Captain Scarlet show do a Judge Dredd show !!

D.TAYLOR said...

Now wouldn`t that be amazing! Great idea. Hmm...I know someone who knows one of the guys who worked on the show...think I might mention it to him and see if we can get that ace idea into motion. I suppose you`ll want credit for it now Andrew!!!