Wednesday, August 09, 2006

In answer to the question "what did you do while not drawing comics?" here`s some of the work I produced for the computer game company Rage (r.i.p). These are portraits of the top inline skaters we had involved in the PS2 game 'Rolling' that we were working on. I`d never worked on computer before I started at Rage and was given three months to learn 3ds max,photoshop and painter. These were done about five months in. Not bad for someone who was once heard saying "I`ll never use a computer to produce art!"

(this Jenny Logue painting is my fave. I learned so much about oil painting doing this despite the fact that this was done on 'painter'!)


Anonymous said...

Wow, wish someone would give me three months to learn a few new tricks. Painters a great package, and I love what yo managed to do here. Really like some of the more Art Nouveau looking pieces you have goingn there, ticks all my boxes!

DTaylor said...

Ticking boxes is my sole purpose in life!
I`ve always loved Art Nouveau and the work of the Pre-Raphaelites and this was a great chance to show that. Unfortunately most of the skaters hated these portraits and I had to do them all again in a more "modern" stylee! Heathens!!!

Anonymous said...

'Unfortunately most of the skaters hated these portraits'


D.TAYLOR said...

Most of them were actually really nice folk,but obviously had no artistic taste! I`ll post the final images so you can see what they accepted.