Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ever wondered what the future will look like? I have.
The year is 2126 and it`s a rainy day in MegaCityOne. Folk are just waking up,those that havn`t been up all night watching one of the myriad of tv channels or partying or mugging or getting mugged or inventing new ways of fighting the legal system,and they are all about to be faced with a new threat to the vast and crazy city they all call home.
So here`s a game for ya...I could call it "where`s Wally?" (he is in there!) but this game is called "where`s the BIG ROBOTS?"


Anonymous said...

Man, it's a long time since Mega City One actually looked 'Mega'. Really get a feel that this is a city the size of a nation, great work as usual Dave.
As for spotting the big robot, I'm stumped. Theres what looks to me like a head just left of the centre of the pic, one eye open, pointy chin and nose? But then again that could be one of those 'faces in the carpet pattern, style tricks of the eye.
On a seperate note, can't believe how close 2126 actually seems! When I read Dredd as a kid, it all seemed so far flung and distant. (Mind you so did the year 2000ad.)

D.TAYLOR said...

I couldn`t agree more about how the future has been getting closer!
I remember watching 2001 A Space Odyssey in 1999 (for the 174th time!) and being rather depressed that our orbiting space station wasn`t quite what it was meant to be and that the moon base simply didn`t exist,apart from the one the Moon Men have had for years!
In my relatively short life since 1964 I`ve caught up with most of the science fiction that I grew up watching...the only major exception being Dredd`s world. Can`t see me living 120 more years!!

When I came to draw this image I wanted to see what the city would really look like...insane,chaotic,mind it is I think I got about half way!

paulhd said...

Seems pretty much all the way there to me! Magnificent Meg, well done.These kind of epic shots are used all the time and can look a bit tired but yours really looks fresh. I particularly like that it manages to look bleak and dismall on one hand but bright and awe inspiring on the other, sort of like Blade Runner did. Not had a scene like this since that pin up by Ron Smith in the first Dredd annual.
Couldn't spot the big robot, but is that devils island to the right of centre?
Aint the future a let down, where's the flying cars, jet packs and stuff?

D.TAYLOR said...

The flying cars and jetpacks and stuff are all out there but "we`re" not allowed to have them. Being a long standing Toyota customer I was sent a brochure about five years ago that included an article about their flying car that they were pushing. Unfortunately our governments just won`t allow such things to happen. Grrr.
You`re right about Devils features quite heavily in part three.
Well pleased with the comments about this image! Cheers guys.
Oh...and that Ron Smith image was a big inspiration when I came to do this!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Fan f'ing tastic !! Really great pic of Mega-City ! Why couldn't the Judge Dredd movie be this good !?

Dylan said...

Stunning pic, just how MC1 should look!

D.TAYLOR said...

well pleased my Meg has gone down so well. cheers guys!