Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some images from "Big Robots",the 2000AD (Dredd Megazine) work in progress.
It`s all I`ve ever really wanted to do. There are many other things I want to create,but this is the first that has come so very close to my "dream job".
I came up with the idea of sentient buildings well over a year ago,partly inspired by my farther who was an architect. Probably not the first and probably not the last attempt to convey our ever changing world in this way,but it`s been a very interesting journey from concept to image,one that has cost me dearly...but I hope it will make a difference in my life...and maybe even entertain some folk!


I. N. J. Culbard said...

Don't know how you manage to litter the page with the debris of such incredible detail and yet still the eye is able to see quite clearly all that is going on without missing a trick. I imagine you drink a heck of a lot of coffee or you draw with your eyes pinned open "Clockwork Orange" style.

You should put your Tom Tom pages up.

D.TAYLOR said...

And so I did! Cheers fella!

I do actually employ the Clockwork Orange approach. It hurts at first but ya get used to it!
"I singing in the rain"

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Your art is great !!