Thursday, June 22, 2006

My first ever sample pages for a comic book publisher were for 2000AD way back in the late 80`s. They were admittedly not good. Bad would be a fine way of describing them. I was inexperienced,self taught and just not ready. The editor told me,over the phone as I stood in Euston train station waiting for an invite,that they were "too backgrounds...not enough detail".
I ended up,with these words of wisdom in mind,taking my work to Marvel comics. If I was "too American" then it seemed obvious to try with an American publisher!

Now here I am working for my beloved British publisher and drawing pages that no clear headed person could say were lacking detail! It`s not like I`m trying to fix that old criticism by pouring a ton of unnecessary detail in to my pages. Far from it. I`m simply drawing what I see when I imagine this world,120 years into our gloomy future. I want the reader to feel something like they would standing in an immensely crowded city...overpowering busyness,dizzyingly unfamiliar buildings,ships of many kinds booming overhead...chaos!

Here`s a few black and white pages from my Big Robots tale. (I`m colouring this story myself so sometimes I leave things out that will later be added in Photoshop)

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Giovanni Gualdoni said...

WOW!!! Your art is Great! :D

Sorry for mi bad English! I'm Italian! ;P