Friday, May 23, 2008

WhoKilledRoundRobbin and Bristol 08

Here's a look at my contribution to the strip so far, now in it's twenty first page and going strong since Tuesday, 1st of January 2008.
So we didn't win an Eagle Award, so what?! It's still the most fun I've had drawing strip comics. No, it really is!
(please note: these are not intended to be read in this order, without the other contributions to the story, but if you glean any sense out of doing so please consult a doctor!)

Bristol 08 was great fun by the way! Chaperoned by my partner and our baby daughter, I was delighted to get my hands on a copy of the Studio Space book, published by Image and created by a couple of charming and extremely nice chaps by the names of Joel Meadows and Gary Marshall...cheers guys! The book, if you haven't seen it yet, is a must get for those discerning comic book followers. Apart from my little addition to the tome, the line-up of creators is excellent. A big chunk of the best in the biz today. I'm still overwhelmed about my inclusion and think it must be some kind of mistake, but never the less I'm in there and it can't be corrected now!
I can't thank everyone here for adding to the pleasurable weekend other than to say thanks to you all! May the British comic empire live on!


Manu said...

Hi my friend!!! I'm Manu, the "Welcome mat-man"!! do you remember?? :)) how are you? i wrote you an e-mail because "Manara's Biography" came out, with your awesome tribute!!!! please read the email and let me know!! :)

it's everything ok? :)


Antonio said...

yeah, it must be a mistake... LOL!
Great job, Dave, as usual!

May the British comic empire live on... but tonight Italy is through!


Gary Fitzgerald said...

Just got my copy of studio space..
man I wouldn't have recognized you from that photo.. looks like you took time out from building a 'henge' to take it ;-)

Unknown said...

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