Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A little bit more Batman: Black and White

When I was asked to write and draw a Batman: Black and White story for the new series, being published from this September, there was only one stipulation - that I approach it in my "European style" and not the recent pencil method I'd implemented on my Batman: Death by Design (did I mention it's now a New York Times best seller...twice?!). Fair enough thought I, knowing what was meant by the comment. What was meant was "do your best Moebius"! Well, I haven't hidden the fact that Jean Moebius Giraud has had an enormous affect on me and my work, that's widely known, but I didn't want to do another homage to the master, I wanted this to be purely my own work, with maybe a nod to the great man, out of respect. If it comes out looking like "another Moebius rip off", as a certain highly respected DC guru once said of my Tongue Lash books, then so be it. I can live with that. What I'm hoping is that folk see me doing my best work, with no limitations in story or art. We'll have to wait and see.