Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thought Bubble 2012...AWESOME!!

It's a very long time since I've been to such an excellent comic convention as this years Thought Bubble in the fair city of Leeds. Many thanks to Lisa and all the crew who made the weekend so enjoyable.
Many thanks also to Nabil and his minions of Travelling Man for making the show even more welcoming and enjoyable. I'll be doing some signings at at least one of their shops again soon so please watch this space for news.

And talking of news...The beautiful, sublime, unique graphic novel that is NELSON won Best Book at the British Comic Awards. I was so pleased, not because I had a small roll to play, but because Woodrow Phoenix and Rob Davis did such a sterling job in putting this project together, well done guys! Well done too to all involved, all 54 creators!! As Rob said as he accepted the award, "we're cheating really with so many creators, we were sure to win!" or words to that effect! Too modest? Damn right! If you don't already have a copy I wholeheartedly suggest you get one!

I'd like to also thank the many good folk that purchased my Batman: Death by Design graphic novel, and the many good folk who I did sketches for. They all, in their own right, made the weekend the best comic show I've done in years. Thanks folks!

So...what's next?

I'm about to start on an adventure into "motion comics" with the highly acclaimed Madefire guys. The very talented Robbie Morrison has written a great script for me and I'm looking forward to jumping into Madefire with both feet!

Anything else? Well, yes, as it happens. I was offered a job, that will have to stay unannounced for a while, that I am ENORMOUSLY exited about!! All I'll say for now is that if it happens I'll be like a pig in you know what!

So...Thought Bubble 2012? Awesome!!!

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Rol said...

You too, Dave - have a good one!