Thursday, May 17, 2012

TomTom Macoubre at KAPOW!

If you're in London this weekend you might find yourself at a comic book convention, namely Kapow!
And if you should find yourself wandering past the Tripwire booth you might find an exclusive print (seen above) of my "creator owned" project Tom Tom Macoubre.
Those of you new here won't know about Tom Tom, the "mysterious" and "enigmatic" wanderer of space and time. He's been begging me to tell his story for over 20 years, life and other comics getting in his way...but the news is that I've been working on the first of his graphic novels recently and when Joel at Tripwire asked me to produce a print for the show I decided it was high time I did an image of him.
Tom Tom started life in the late 1980's when I produced my first, self published comic, a 20 page "booklet" that didn't get close to telling his cosmic story. Many years later I was asked to contribute something to Liam Sharp's Event Horizon. Those ten pages can be found on this blog here.
Watch this space for more Macoubre news!!


james corcoran said...

Beautiful Dave! Look forward to seeing you do something more out there hopefully in some sort of oversized European album format.

D.TAYLOR said...

Have you been spying on me James?!

Sean said...

I still have my copy of the original 80's version, No.41 I believe.

MATT said...

Its amazing to know that you are such a creative artist Dave--
Keep the good work flowing.