Friday, November 12, 2010

Who's this Joker?!

I've just finished this panel from my Batbook and thought "hey, that looks like the kind of thing I'd post on my blog!" So here it is. No beans being spilled. No revelation. Just, again, a wee peek.


lee carter said...

sweet, very nice lines mate, looking forward to seeing it in print and in my hands, did i tell you michele still has some photocopied fanzine you did at college...must get you to sign it :)....coz its mine now

got your email off tharg too, just washed under at the min

Rol said...

Looks like I'll be buying a Batman comic for the first time in ages!

Gary Fitzgerald said...

nice sly smirk there..

Roy_v_Beck said...

Wow, that's the post I've been waiting for decade.
The style of Joker and people in background looks similar to one in "The Man Who Laughs".

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Cool character!

D.TAYLOR said...'s not yours, get ya hands off! (you can have your own!)'ll be a while yet!

Fitz...based on what I can remember of yours!

Roy...ya got me!

Adam...wish I could say he was mine but he's still fun to draw!

Big Ape said...

Hi Dave
You might like this blog, maybe you've already seen it?

See ya

D.TAYLOR said...

Nice one Big! Cheers.
(I recommend you all to follow the link!)

Northern Monkey said...

It might just be me but it seems the joker bears a uncanny resemblance to Noel Fielding, surrealist comic and mighty booshest.