Friday, January 29, 2010


Yes folks, it's a new year and a new HUZZAH!! A new dawn of web comics begins with some new faces added to the list of contributors, some great talent to add to the existing line-up, and things are already cooking! Click the link to your right to enter a whole new universe!
The above image is my latest post to the site, something entirely done in photoshop. I only had a few hours in which to get this done, Batman breathing down my neck, so it's not how I'd like it but there's always the "happy accidents" that come along while working so fast that it makes for a very enjoyable experience...the whole point of my participation in HUZZAH!!

Batman's coming along very nicely. Still can't show anything substantial and STILL can't divulge who the writer is but I can now confirm that (with no attempt at self promotion or driven by ego) this book is going to be a great read! Now that I've amassed a fair amount of finished pages I can see and feel how the book will be when completed, and I really think this is the best work I've done. As usual I'm not happy with some of it, but I'm finding I'm liking more than normal, which makes me wonder if it's the writing or the method I'm using or a combination of both. Whatever, it's looking good and I'm having a ball. Working on Batman again feels right! (how could it not?!!)


Matt Soffe said...

This and Huzzah Noir are my favourite webcomics - this has really cool lighting Dave!

Gibson Quarter said...

HI Dave,

I've just found out that it looks like you drew my gal 'Narcobitch' for the next issue of Wasted!,27646.0.html

Great stuff!
All the best