Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dredd...done and dusted

Well folks, I made it. I sent my last page of Dredd off just in time to save my neck. I know I've saved my neck because I was promptly asked if I could do a cover for 2000AD...not sure if I can mention yet what it will feature but I can say it's going to be a corker!

Now I've finished on Dredd (for the time being) I'm getting my head around changing gears for my next project...Batman. I still can't talk about it too much, I'm itching to tell you who I'll be working with but I'll have to sit on that a little while longer. Sorry!
I've already started working on the initial design stages for the Bat book,I've found myself a Batman model, a guy who works with my partner and was gracious enough to offer his face. Not something I could do with Dredd, I just don't know that many stony faces, but for Batman I wanted to give the book an element of reality, and so, like I did with #100 of Legends of the Dark Night (recently republished as "Robin:The Teen Wonder") I'm using models for some of the major roles. It's a serious book as Batman stories go and so I want to use some real faces to help get the story across.

The image above is another example of my working process, from blue pencil to ink and finally colour. I've cropped this panel so as not to give anything away about the story.


Kevin Levell said...

Your cityscapes leave me speechless...

Seriously impressive stuff and only two episodes in.
The crowd of ghosts was awesome too by the way.

I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us in the coming episodes, not to mention the cover that's coming and BATMAN to boot.

jon haward said...

dave im using this as my wallpaper on my computer ,you genius

Ian Mayor said...

You give good Mega City. Yet again.

jamie said...

dear mr taylor,
despite being a long-time dredd fan,i am very unfamiliar with your work on the strip,but from what i see on your blog,i am totally blown away by the sheer quality of the work you produce.
just one thing,which i hope you don't mind me saying... i love your pencils and inks,especially when they are done with the blue pencils,but i'm having trouble 'getting' your colour work.
i know that sounds weird.
i'll be picking up some back issues featuring your work,to try and see what i'm missing.