Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dredd 2009

With all the talk recently about the announcement of a new Judge Dredd movie (film), it's impossible for me not to think about the prospects of working on it in some way. While I'm busily drawing a Dredd strip for 2000AD (see above image featuring Judge Lola designed by Ian Edginton and D'Israeli ) I'm trying not to let the thought of the film influence me in any way.
Truth be told? I'd bite through my own knee caps for a chance to design some (or all!) of the new film. I'm more than qualified, (not being an ego tripper, just a pertinent fact!) and it just happens to be the one science fiction film project that I've always longed to work on. Without making this an open letter to the powers that be I'll say no more for fear of antagonisingness!
Cast Clint!


Cliff Robinson said...

Any Dredd film would benefit hugely from your input, Dave, as your style is very cinematic anyway. Nice panel too.

Kevin Levell said...

You can lead a donkey to water.

You'd be an asset to the production for definite - I hope that your dream comes true.

Looking forward to seeing this is the prog by the way! ...and your zombie cover from way back looks the business in print on this week's prog.

Pete Wells said...

Ah, but could any production budget make a Megacity as detailed and intricate as yours Dave?

D.TAYLOR said...

Cliff, cheers sir. Coming from you that is high praise.

Kevin, bless you. At least the printing was closer on this cover than my last attempt!

Pete, don't be saying things like never know who might be reading! And anyway, detail doesn't have to be expensive, you just need someone who can design it all cheaply!

jon haward said...

i think it would help any production like the new dredd movie to have artists like dave on board,although the first dredd film didn't do big box office it looked great thanks to kev walker being on board on that production.
the new movie production designs i've seen by jock look great so far.

Antonio said...

I think they should cast you as well, Dave, as you have already starred in Big Robots!

Darren said...

I once had a mock film poster in the prog. Starring....Clint Eastwood. Guess he's a bit long in the tooth now though? ;-P