Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Dredd and Birmingham show report

Here's an other look at my working method, this time from blue line pencil, though the inking stage to finished colour. Seeing it layed out like this reminds me of how an animated movie is built up, one stage at a time, layer on layer. It also reminds me that I made the right choice many years ago to work in comics as apposed to animation. The time it takes to make an animated film would have driven me quite mad!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the fine folk who went to make my brief but enjoyable time at the Birmingham comic show well worth the effort of getting there, namely Jon Haward, Ian Culbard, Ian Edginton, Liam Sharp (cheers for the table mate! I owe you one!) and my old mate Colin Fawcett. I had a stinking cold so I hope I didn't appear too grotty! I really just felt like laying under my table and dieing!
The show was traditionally small but it seemed like everyone was having a decent time with plenty to see. Personally I had a great show thanks to an offer of some very interesting and exiting work for DC and it seems I may have a chance to do an equally interesting job for Marvel. Can't say more than that at this time...watch this space!


jon haward said...

great to see you too dave,got a stinky cold now too from bics ,just viewed your work seven layers ,that would drive me potty having to work out the layers in photoshop but i guess the more you do the quicker it gets ,anyway when you get a coffee break i've put up some new stuff on the ol' website www.jonhawardart.com that might make you chuckle the xmen cover was supposed to be more creepy not studio 54 (why did the artist have ol dracula look like a disco diva!)oh and dave it's HAWARD not HOWARD i don't draw porn comics! cheers bud

Dylan said...

lovely stuff Dave great designs as usual.

D.TAYLOR said...

OOps...sorry Jon...all fixed now.

Cheers Dylan.

Lee said...

Great work Dave, really nice design work! shame we did not get a chance to chat at BICS! I was only there for the Saturday.