Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Xmas Dredd

Here's a wee peek at my new Dredd strip, penned by the master of Dredd John Wagner.

John's written a great story full of Christmas, sorry...wonderfully grim and gritty, and I'm very exited to have a chance to do a really true to 2000AD kind of story. It feels very classic and I hope to do it justice.

This scene is giving me an opportunity to draw something that I love...i.e futuristic technology.

The page you see here is the blue pencil part of my process. I'm inking this strip traditionally as I think it needs this approach, leaving behind for a while my recently adopted no inking method.

1 comment:

Kevin Levell said...

Very nice page Dave - Christmas has come early this year!

looking forward to seeing those inks!