Sunday, January 06, 2008

Who Killed Round Robin?

Take a hand full of artists, give them the freedom of expression, add a sprinkling of order and hopefully what you'll get is a fun and experimental exchange of ideas made real in the form of a comic.
That's the plan.

"Round Robin" is a game where one person starts a story and then others continue it by adding a piece at a time until the tale is complete.
Our version involves seven British comics creators. Between us we will make a comic book, a panel at a time. Our page grid is divided into three tiers. Each person adds a tier to the ongoing story, which can be as many panels as they can fit into that tier. Nobody knows where the story will go but there is one element that remains fixed: it is a murder mystery. So whatever happens along the way, we know where it has to end. A solution must be found! Who killed Round Robin?

Go see the developing creation here...
You'll find a link in my links and kinks.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Gary Fitzgerald said...

cool idea.. and very nicely done.. I'll look forward to these updates..