Wednesday, November 07, 2007

To ink or not to ink, that my friends is the question.
Would you have said this was inked? Well I would. But I'd be wrong!
I love my scanner!
(copyright © Rebellion 2007)


Antonio said...

I would love it too, if it was mine!

Great stuff as usual, Dave...

Just got back from Lucca, it was excellent!

D.TAYLOR said...

Aaahh Lucca!
Is it really a whole YEAR since Lucca? Good grief!

lee carter said...

Hi Dave,

its me Lee :), Michele's fella and mikes mate from bizarre. Just incase you forgot me :)
Anyway just wanted to pop in and say hello.
Your Dredd art is fantastic....really really great stuff. really looking forward to to seeing it in print.
Im about 40 pages into illustrating a new series for 2000ad wrote by John Smith, it will be about 80 pages in the end :)...its hard work doing it while working full time buts as its 2000ad the energy is still there :)

anyway enough of the comic talk,,,my real reason here is because I told michele about your new baby and she wanted me to send on our congrats to you and yours :)

well done to you both on the birth of your new baby.

its a nice feeling in'it...sort of brings focus to ones life.

We took our kids to the Birmingham con....never again :)cost me a fortune.

Daniel said...

It looks inked in some places (mainly the characters), but your back grounds look sketchy and unfinished, not nearly as tight as they usualy are after you ink. I'd like to see it inked-inked.

Also, how's that Wildstorm thing going?

Mark said...

Looks good to me. That's one craggy Dredd. I like it.

Jim Boswell said...

Good Lordy... that is one good Dredd!! I have no idea how you got your pencils to look like that, but well done sir, it works a treat... may have to ask you for your secret formula sometime soon!Really looking forward to seeing this in the prog! Jim said...

nice work, where the hell did you get your scanner!?!? I'm struggling with a teeny tiny A4 one :P