Saturday, October 27, 2007

More insight into my working methods this time around. I say this time around because I tend to treat each job with a fresh approach, depending on the job and it's contents. I'm using the blue line method on this Dredd story because I want to keep the amount of detail I tend to like but want to make it organic and spontaneous. Inking, as I found on Big Robots, tends to take some of that away from the finished page. The pages I have finished so far, penciled over the blue line, are keeping that freshness in the line, which looks a little "brushy". Not having spent enough time learning to use a brush satisfactorily in my career it's nice to get that look with my pencil line.

And while I'm on...our little girl is getting more beautiful by the day! It's not easy working when all I really want to do is just look at her! Aaah!

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