Sunday, July 01, 2007

I thought my blog needed a change and a bit of "ooumph" so here it is "Ooumphified"!

Above is the view from the back of my old house, now up for sale (offers welcome!) done in watercolour a few years back.

So England is now smoke free. I managed to get off the dirty cigarettes three weeks ago due to me expecting a baby (not me expecting exactly!), and have been going slightly mad (but happy) since! A few months back I was angry with our British Government`s "nanny" approach to smoking and thought the banning of smoking in public buildings, especially pubs thoroughly disgusting and a further theft of our freedom. Now? I`M DELIGHTED!!! Now I don`t smoke I have to admit to being in complete agreement with the new law...although I really do feel sorry for smokers who are now almost completely outcast from our society. Was this the best way to deal with the smoking problem? I`m not so sure. I`ve only been a none smoker for a very short time and am feeling very pleased with myself, and that`s probably why I`m happy that I don`t have to smell cigarette smoke when I`m enjoying a it won`t tempt me back!
Everybody with two brain cells knows that smoking is very very bad for you...but so is a Nanny State. Right?


Mark said...

We've been smoke-free a while longer over here, and I'll warn ya: the first thing you'll now notice in pubs are the amount of people farting. That and B.O.

Turns out smoking in bars used to cover a multitude of sins.

D.TAYLOR said...

What a disturbing revelation. So THAT`S why smoking was invented!

Antonio said...

Oh, the joys of England... ahah!

Did you sort out that thing, Dave?
Was my advice useful?

D.TAYLOR said...

Yes Antonio, very useful. I had no idea you knew so much about embarrassing trouser problems! Cheers!

Antonio said...

Trouser problems? Am I missing something here?
I did a course at the uni, about trouser problems. Is that what you are referring to?