Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So...I thought it was time I posted some of my doodles for Big Robots.
These are some very speedy "random" sketches of ships for the Big Meg. I love doing these as I never know what I`m going to get! I switch my design brain off and just draw, making things up as I go. So much fun!

This page above is me working out some ideas for the second splash page to be seen in #4.

Page one sketch above...I decided not to "bleed" the panels as shown here.
And a Big Robot...as yet unused.

Cass Anderson very early doodles and some working out ideas of how the Big Robots might walk.

Left is page 5 #7 working out background.

Early doodle for one of the major Big Robots...before it could walk!

Right are page 3 #2 ideas. I decided to put "Mike", the big guy, under the others as I felt sorry for them!

Below is a splash page seen earlier in this blog.

Frankenstein block?!

And lastly, a page as seen by my scanner before it was cleaned up! Not the cleanest worker am I?!
So there ya have it. I love to see work in progress by other artists and so felt slightly obliged to do the same! It feels very much like showing you the inside of my brain, with all the odd fumbling and problem solving going on. And I have to say I do feel like I`ve just shampooed my mind! How very weird!


Chris Weston said...

Nice one, Dave... all good stuff.
You know what, I'd love to see you do a Nemesis the Warlock one-off... and I'm thinking in particular of the classic early Nemesis stuff like "Terror Tube" and "Killer Watt", when the Blitzspear cruised round those underground motorways ( before the series got bogged down in interminable black-hole plotlines).

D.TAYLOR said...

Ok...that is what I would call interesting. You see, I`ve just been reading those very same stories and thinking how much fun it would be to draw something like.
You are in deed a gifted fellow Chris!

Dylan said...

great stuff Dave, I love seeing prelims, your vehicle designs are brilliant.

paulhd said...

Love seeing sketches, esp when they're as good as this. Fantastically free and scribbly with lots of lovely detail, yup, you'da been a great Nemesis artist!

Antonio said...

Good stuff as usual, Dave.

How are you doing?

Jo Bling said...

Crumbs, DT, that's a big ole post. Terrific to see all your initial thumbnails and sketches. I concur on the looking at artists early musings comment.


that page is nuts! i love the details, you can see every spec of dust...

Dominic Bugatto said...

Really nice work here.

D.TAYLOR said...

Cheers guys. As ever...much appreciated thoughts.