Friday, April 20, 2007

Something Wetworks this way comes.

Here`s a sneaky peek at my secret Wetworks project. I`m doing a page a day, pencil and ink, something I wasn`t totally sure I could pull off. Not with any satisfaction anyway. Turns out I`m pretty happy with how it`s going. You don`t have time to ponder what might be done, you just do it and then sit back and look at what`s appeared on the page. I can`t pretend I wouldn`t like more time to get everything right but I`m enjoying the nervous energy that`s created. Each panel is a new surprise to me. After losing what confidence I had years ago I`m finding myself doing things I didn`t know I could unconscious drawing ability, a deeper knowledge untapped. Quite a revelation I can tell you!


Rol Hirst said...

Looking forward to it... is the writer still a secret?

D.TAYLOR said...

Yeah. Working for Wildstorm is like working for the Government! 51 LEVELS ABOVE TOP SECRET!!! I think I`m Cosmic! (that`s not fawning! It`s Top of Top secret! ((top ish)) )
I`ll probably be able to give some news away in the next week or so. Depends if the men in black give me the go ahead!
I`ll also be posting the plans for a Moon base I found!