Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Big Robots has landed!

Yes folks, it`s now possible to stroll into any comic book shop and exchange your hard earned or illegally gained cash for a copy of The Judge Dredd Megazine #257 featuring Judge Anderson: Big Robots part one of eight.

I started bouncing the idea around in my head well over a year ago of doing an epic 2000AD story involving very very big robots. The idea came to me partly during a conversation with a Mr. Ian Carney, an animation and comic book writer and ex-glam rock bass player. I started sketching ideas down, making notes on what I thought might be fun to write about and draw and then mentioned it to my colleague and friend Alan Grant who ended up scripting the book for me after the editor at 2000AD (he`s a green skinned alien called Tharg by the way) said we should go ahead and "blow his socks off".
Having spent the past five or so years away from comics, and taking into consideration the fact that I was looking at this job as "my baby", it`s not really surprising that I took so long designing and drawing the 48 page story. Well, it`s here now and I can`t really fully explain how I`m feeling. The printing is pretty close to how the pages look on my trusty computer screen if a little washed out. I don`t mind that at all. I`m just glad it finally got published!
So what are you waiting for? Go out and buy one! ( or order one if you don`t live in the UK! )

Thanks to all the folk who have helped and supported me while I`ve been doing, I`m not going to do an Oscar night ramble...suffice to say that I couldn`t have done it without the help of all these fine people (who know who they are!). Cheers all.


paulhd said...

Just read it, great start. Might that possibly be a big robot on the last page? Looking forward to part 2.

D.TAYLOR said...

Cheers Paul. might well be a Big Robot but who knows? Well, actually I do but am I telling?

Mark said...

I'm presuming it'll have crossed the Irish Sea by tomorrow.

D.TAYLOR said...

By the wings of Malgallot let`s hope so!

Chris Weston said...

Only six pages...? Ambassador, you are definitely NOT spoiling us. C'mon Tharg, it's the highlight of the Megazine so stop being so stingey!
Can't wait for the collected edition, Dave. And hopefully Rebellion will give it the full size treatment and not the US comic size that their reprints have been suffering from.

Mark said...

Read it during me luch break today, and I agree with Chris - dang thing's over before it's began!

Daniel said...

I'd punch a sack of kittens for a trade NOW!

D.TAYLOR said...

I was really disappointed to learn it was going to be split into 8 and not 4 parts and I agree it is over too soon. Bloomin shame. But I did get to do a cover which I`m very happy with and I get to be in twice as many it`s not all bad.
I`ll be bugging Tharg about the collection being a big book don`t you worry Chris!
Daniel...I just hope sacks and kittens stay out of your way!

Daniel said...

You can't stop what's already happened!

Kheang said...

Hey Dave!

I can't seem to find an email on your blog, so I'm just going to post a comment and hope you see it.

My name is Kheang. We traded a bunch of e-mails waaaay back in July, 1999. Hopefully, you'll remember me. My wife and I sent you a traveler's check as payment for two pieces back then, a water coulour of a "devil girl" and "space girl" piece, but then we lost contact with you. Can you please write me back at: ?

Glad to hear you're OK and back in business!


Rol Hirst said...

Finally tracked down a copy (have a word with Tharg about his North of England distribution, will ya?) and it looks lovely. Echoing the comments above (and having been weaned on 22 pages), I find 6 pg strips way too short (particularly in a monthly!), but I know that's out of your control.

Couldn't help but think 'Moebius' when I saw that double page spread, but I know you'll take that as a compliment. Great to see you back in the saddle, Dave, looking forward to more (including the forthcoming 22 pagers and, hopefully, a collection of this strip once the serialisation is done).