Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ok folks...I`ve been given the go ahead to announce that I`m going to be doing the "art chores" on a Wetworks book for Wildstorm, my first mainstream American comic for about five years. Yes, I`m stoked! Really looking forward to starting on it. It`s going to be so much fun and really different to anything I`ve done for ages. AND I get to ink it too!
If you don`t know the book there`s a great blog by the creator of the series Whilce Portacio here... please go check it out.
I`m hoping to post some examples as I go if my old pall and new boss Scott Peterson will let me! He`s a great bloke, a total diamond, so we shouldn`t have too much trouble with him! (I know he visits here so hopefully he now can`t refuse! Mwahahahaa!)
(image copyright Wildstorm 2007)


Anonymous said...

Hello Dave,

I decided to post this underneath the comment, in hopes that you may get this message.

My name is Jeremy Adolphson and I am a 23 year old Graduate student at Northern Illinois University where I am getting my M.A. in Sociology. I don’t know if you remember, but I wrote you a couple years ago about making a small piece of artwork on a 4x6 inch card for my personal collection. It is because of artists like you, and your generosity that has allowed my collection has grown to what it is today (more than 1600 pieces from varying artists and styles throughout the world), I would encourage you, if you have the time, to view my website at where you can see about 1/2 of my collection in 80 galleries.

The reason I’m writing you, besides showing you what other artists have done, would be to ask whether or not you would be interested in decorating another card to update the images? The theme of the drawing would be entirely up to you. I was thinking about comparing the drawings from 2004 to the new ones in 2007, but I’m not sure if you would consider doing this. Again, the drawings themselves are for my own personal collection, not to be resold or for any other purposes. If you would be interested I’d encourage you to personalize the piece to myself, along with providing your name, date, website on the back of the card so it would be easier for me to categorize it.

I would be more than happy to provide you with a self addressed stamped envelope along with a pre cut acid free card. If you do decide to make another drawing, I will provide a link to your website underneath the image, so others could find more information about your own work.

I do look forward to hearing back from you, I hope you are well and please keep me updated on your new projects.

If for some reason you are uncomfortable with providing your address, you can mail a card to me at:

Jeremy V. Adolphson

1238 Willard Ave.

Rockford, IL. 61101-2463


PS. This is entirely optional. Whatever your decision may be with respect to making the drawing, I stand by it.

Daniel said...

Wetworks huh? That's kind of unexpected from what I'm used to, granted I do have limited exposure. It seems darker. Whatever, I'll get the book just for your fine line work. How long are you on it?

D.TAYLOR said...

Darker yes. But it`s not as dark as I`m going to get over the next few months...but that`s all still under wraps right now so I`m not going to say any more.
I`m sorry that I can`t say exactly what I`ll be doing for Wetworks as yet due to the utmost secrecy on Wildstorm`s front. I`ll be making an announcement soon I promise.
My feeling about what work I take is artist can only grow if he/she takes on new and diverse projects. The next few jobs I have are much darker than I`ve done before and will continue to stretch me while adding to my development as a creator. This won`t change me...only broaden my ability...I hope!

As for "Anon" above...Thanks for getting in touch re your site. In future I`d prefer it if you`d contact me via my email rather than leave a long message here. Thanks. It is, as it states, for comments only!

Mark said...

Looking forward to it - I haven't been reading this title but I'll pop on board for your issues.

So does working for Wildstorm mean the slate's been wiped clean with DC?

D.TAYLOR said...

Now that IS a good question Mark!
(no pun intended!)
Creators often work for an editor as apposed to a company, and this is certainly the case with this job. The problems I`d had at DC were with the editors and not DC itself and they have all moved on in the most part. I never had a problem with Scott Peterson who I`m now working for, in fact he`s been nothing but good for me and it`s a pleasure to be working with him again. He was responsible for most of the work I did for DC and is now gunning for me at Wildstorm.
I`m hoping that the guys at the top of DC know the facts about my Worlds Finest brouhaha and have accepted what happened. Hmm...maybe I`ll post something on this today.

And cheers for your support Mark.