Monday, March 05, 2007

Oh Baby!
This year so far has been quite amazing!
The main reason for this is that my partner and I have joined the prestigious "Pudding Club"!
Yes folks it`s true! I`m going to be a Dad!
We had our first scan last week and all was "perfect". We`re both totally over the Moon about this and delighted at the prospect of bringing an other comic book fan into the world!
It`s our first baby so it`s even more stunning/amazing/fascinating/exiting/bloody brilliant!
Been reading up on what I should know...mostly in books, but some of the $%£& on the net drives you mad! And why oh why do they call it "morning sickness"???!!!
Seeing the scan was something I really wasn`t prepared for. Looking at a tiny little human (at this stage only about two inches long from head to rump) as it stretches and wriggles about just like I do when I wake up in the morning is quite simply astonishing! Most definitely the most ground breaking thing I`ve ever witnessed. "That`s our baby!!!"


Mike Molcher said...

Blimey, EVERYONE'S bloody pro-creating these days :S

Congrats though - you sound really quite chuffed :)

D.TAYLOR said...

You could say that Mike!
Chuffed to bits!

Rol Hirst said...

All the best to you and the other half, Dave - hope all those sleepness nights don't stop you drawing!

D.TAYLOR said...

Cheers Rol. I can sleep when I`m dead!
Me? Stop drawing?!? NEVER!!! (again!)

Daniel said...

Congrats! A whole world of new smells awaits!

Thought o

Manu said...

i'm so very happy for you my friend! ;)

D.TAYLOR said...

Thanks for reminding me of that joy Daniel! I`ve heard that if you just feed them chocolate then the smell can be quite nice!

Grazie il mio buon amico Manu! ;)

Chris Weston said...

Congratulations, Dave. What have you let yourself in for? I should know, I'm on my third kid... so it can't be all that bad, eh?!
Best wishes,

Antonio said...

Hi Dave, I know how excited such a thing can be...



D.TAYLOR said...

Cheers Chris. Much appreciated.