Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Judge Cass Anderson doing her psi thing. It`s always fun,and a bit daunting to draw a classic scene or pose of a well known character and this was no exception. Trying to come up with new poses for Batman was always a treat and here with Cass I`ve attempted to show this classic pose in a new but acceptable way. The overlay is a painting I did in Photoshop while at the computer game company Rage many years ago. I had wanted to use it on something for a while and this seemed the prime time.


Antonio said...

PSI is good!
And the drawing is as good as usual.
Is everything sorted for Lucca?

Colin Wilson said...

Jeez Dave, that stuff looks terrific. And I love the colour.... a lovely subdued palette.... comics needs more stuff like this!

D.TAYLOR said...

Holy surprise Batman!
I`ve been a big fan of the work of Colin Wilson for many years so to get a comment from him as shiny as this has made my week!!!
Cheers Colin!

Yes Antonio,all is sorted for my trip to Lucca...can`t wait! See you there my Celtic brother!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

She looks like she gets that sinus pain behind the eyes like I do,tell her she needs some Olbas Oil. A very nice piccy,but then I wouldn't expect anything less now would I !!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great to me Dave!love the colour! and enjoying your Blog

Antonio said...

I am really looking forward to having a little break from work... I need it!

Chris Weston said...

For crying out loud, Dave... put a ne entry on yer blog! We're HUNGRY, man... for MORE!

D.TAYLOR said...

By "ne" I assume you mean new! Unless you are one of the knights who say "ne"!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

good to see you still around!

Rage didn't finish you off then lol

Mark Dieterman