Thursday, September 07, 2006

The English Lake District as photed by me in 1982 (ish).

I`ve popped this up to explian why I havn`t posted any new Big Robots work recently. You see there have been a few setbacks...the car thing a few weeks ago put me back a bit...then my computer blew up and not in a good way...then,and here`s the biggy...I went to my good friend Dave`s wedding and met a lady! Yes,a lady!
Dave is the guitarist in the band I`ve been in since the Anglo Prussian war and he married the lovely Rachel during a really nice but slightly wet ceremony in the Lake District. The following day they had a "civil" ceremony in Liverpool followed by a party. Tiz here I met the lovely and enchanting P. (no name here to save her the embarrassment!) Suffice to say that work has been slowed down some.
Oh,don`t be like that! I`ll get back to work one day!!! Honest!!!


Antonio said...

Love is all we need... eheheh
Now get back to the drawing board... only joking!

paulhd said...

Ah The Lakes, lovely place for romance, did me and the missus the world of good.
But, yeah, more pictures now please!

Nik said...

good man! Keep smiling and thanks for that ace photo.

Can feel the damp in me bones from here.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Oh,yeah I see you're a Rush fan,me too !! You ever read Anthem by Ayn Rand which was the inspiration for 2112 ??

D.TAYLOR said...

I followed Rush from 1978 and saw all of their English tours. Learned to play drums listening to the great Neil Peart.
I did read Anthem years ago but can`t remember much about it...must get another copy. Thanks for reminding me Andrew. :)