Saturday, August 05, 2006

Don`t buy your car insurance from Churchill. Thanks to their wonderful computer system my car was towed away today and I`m going to have to pay to get it back. In brief they lost my info,cancelled my insurance without telling me and now I`ve lost £300,got 6 points on my clean licence and my street now think I`m with the Mob! The cops even closed the road off while they stole my car!!!

On a lighter note...I found out today that Big Robots will be published in "the new year". That`s if the Judge Dredd Megazine is still going then!

ho hum.


alessandro said...

Hi Dave,
my name's Alessandro.
I found your blog on the website of the my friend Denis.
Your images are great.
I remember of you!!


D.TAYLOR said...

Thank you Alessandro and thanks also to good old Denis!

I. N. J. Culbard said...

quick answer to your problem. call them, mention the word 'watchdog' and then see how quickly they pay to have your car returned.

Anonymous said...

Dave, have you checked to see your house isn't built on some ancient celtic burial ground? You do seem to have awful luck, and I won't be surprised if the Megazine doesn't fold the issue before big robots.
Still, you remain lovely and chipper, and your works still a joy. Think I'd hacve gone all Bisley by now!

D.TAYLOR said...

When I bought this house I almost immediately noticed there was definitely something odd going on. A presence watching my every move. When I had a lodger,my old mate Brad, he too noticed something. We felt we were being watched by a very cold and cynical spirit. Some days it would be so intense we`d feel incredibly uncomfortable and often decided to go out to the pub to get away from it. A few months after Brad had moved out I was watching tv one night when the "watcher" became so intense I stood up and shouted "will you just STOP?!!!"
As soon as the word "STOP" left my mouth the electricity to the house shut off. POP! The house was plunged into darkness. I checked the fuse box to find all the fuses in the house had blown. Ever since this I havn`t felt anything watching me or any bad vibes in the house. The idea of becoming a ghost hunter did cross my mind!

I must admit that the last six years have been filled with the most uncanny bad luck. But nothing so bad as to make me go "Bisley"!!
I refuse to let it bring me down. I did have a few years right after my DC/divorce/ill health debacle where I was feeling very sorry for myself but I`ve learned to just get on with things and be "lovely and chipper"!!! It`s certainly made me stronger and more conscious of the good things in life.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm pleased you 've developed such a cool outlook on things, but that whole episode with the 'watching' has freaked me a little. Quite 'Sapphire and Steel'!

D.TAYLOR said...

It was very 'Sapphire and Steel'!!
Or a ghostly episode of 'The Prisoner!!
I actually feel a bit guilty for shouting at 'it' and wonder where 'it' went. I hope it found a nice home!