Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One slightly used set of Arkham Asylum designs.
I say slightly used...what I should say is constantly the regular Batbooks and Hollywood for the Batman Forever movie (see last scene) and even Batman:the animated series were sent these designs to base their Arkham on. These designs,drawn in 1995 are still part of the Batman "style Bible" and are now for sale at
(if the link doesn`t work just search for "batman arkham asylum")
I`ve decided to sell these to raise money because I`m taking so darn long getting Big Robots finished!
The designs are on three sheets and feature the front and back elevations (as seen here) and also two interior images,one including the Bat himself!
So why not treat yourself to some highly rare and exclusive Bat memorabilia and be the envy of all your Batfriends?!!!
No,I can`t think of a good reason not too ether!


Doomsayer said...

Wasn't the left hand one used in a Batman comic aaaages ago about 'alternative designs' for his costume etc etc.

D.TAYLOR said...

Top marks sir! It was called "Batman:KnightGallery" and was meant to be Batman`s note book! Damn silly idea if you ask me!