Wednesday, July 12, 2006

An other image from Big Robots,this time showing that I really don`t care if the speech bubbles cover detail. There will be two bubbles in this panel,one quite big to the left but as you can see I havn`t been shy with my background! I really enjoyed drawing all the machinery,making it up as fast as I`m drawing it,and if it`s covered by words then what the heck! I`ve posted it here as a record. The figure and bike are very rough at this stage because I want to capture the energy and movement when inking.
I`m now starting to plan what comes after this job in the next few months. As yet I`ve got nothing set up and am keeping an open mind. I`ve been looking into doing some work for French publishers and also considering animation don`t be shy if you`ve got any ideas!!! I hope that doesn`t sound too desperate! It`s just that I like to keep as many channels open as I can...and you never know what might be waiting around the corner! (serious offers only please!)


Niccolò said...

Great, Great WORK!
I love it, compliments Dave!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, great, great stuff here, had trouble choosing where to post a comment, figure this image was as good a place. (Hope you didn't think I had offers of work though!)
Definite Euro, Metal Hurlant, flavour here, loving everything I've seen so far and can't wait to see more! You're pencils are inspiring, but your inks more so. What are you using?

D.TAYLOR said...

Many thanks for your comments dear sir! And don`t worry,I`m not using this site as a kind of job centre! Due to the batch of rather inferior paper I purchased a while back I`ve been forced to not use my trusty dip pen but instead have been using some Edding felts. At least it`s a faster process!