Saturday, July 01, 2006

Again from Big Robots.
With the first 24 pages as soon as I`d finished penciling them I`d steam right on and ink them. Yesterday when I`d finished penciling this half page image I remembered that I wanted to keep some form of record of how the job was going,and also being pleased with this shot of pre-mega destruction before it was inked,so it was thrust into my moody scanner (never works when I need it to) and lo!
I love to see people`s pencil pages. It gives you an insight into their working methods. I also love the quality of a pencil image rather than ink. If it wasn`t for all my construction lines I`d just go ahead and colour without inking.
The inset face is that of our nasty villain,one Karamel Mirandah. It`s not too hard to work out who this character is based on!
I`m off now to watch England try and stay in the world cup!!!


Antonio said...

Hi Dave, quality work as usual.
See you in the world cup final?

Antonio said...

Oops, I just found out Portugal went through! Sorry...
The only thing we can do for the Brits is get rid of the Germans, now!

denism said...

Great stuff , really great stuff..
I love it...nothing more to say

Niccolò said...

Hi Dave!
All the stuff that i found here makes me feel in a very good mood.
You're a talented artist.
Hope to see moore works from you.
Welcome to the blog's universe!

D.TAYLOR said...

Thanks for your comments guys.
It`s always nice to hear from fellow artists :)