Wednesday, June 21, 2006

After spending nigh-on five years away from the "job" I love (due to illness,falling asleep or just chose) I`ve made the daunting decision to return to my trusty drawing desk.

I`ve been blessed in this industry by the contacts/friends I`ve made and the experience gained over a ten year long joy-ride.
On making my mind up to pick up a pencil again I realised it was going to be a little different this time...
Reason one: Contacts. I`ve worked with some of the industries best loved and respected folk so why should I ignore that on my new adventure?! That would be silly right?!
Reason two: I had achieved so much more than I ever dreamed of,but this time I was equipped with experience (something Jimi Hendrix knew to be all powerful).
Reason three: There were things I didn`t achieve last time around and the urge to make as much of my life as I can is my driving force.
(read in reverse order)

Here is an on-going record of my new road trip down the dizzyingly dusky,dank,sometimes dark yet downright delightful deliberate decision to draw for dosh!


Jo Bling said...

Still hurts my head to look at that one, Dave! ;-) Welcome on board the good ship Blogger!


D.TAYLOR said...

This image is from my "epic" Judge Anderson story for 2000AD (Judge Dredd Megazine) that I`ve been working on for the last $%£@#+*& months and is due out sometime this century (this year hopefully!).
It`s from my brain thoughts and is being wonderfully scripted by the magnificent Alan Grant.
Some of it hurts the eyes if looked at for longer than necessary due to it being stupidly detailed by detail. (note my name!)
(any eye injury suffered is the sole responsibility of the reader and will be ignored by my legal department)

I. N. J. Culbard said...


Antonio said...

That picture was my desktop pic for a bit, Dave. I love it!